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Innovative Agro is an online grocery shop app. It is the fastest way to have your grocery delivered to your doorstep in Dhaka. We don’t compromise our quality. We have designed our app with user-friendly features. Our user-friendly app is packed with powerful features that will transform your grocery shopping experience. You can order your product by one click. If you have any complaints, we are ready to solve this immediately. We are ready to serve our service 24/7 at any time.
Innovative Agro items

Innovative Agro collects all spices from an authentic source. We deliver fresh fish and meat. Fresh vegetables and fruits are here for you. We also can provide sea fish as your choice. You can order personal care and baby care product by our app.

Cooking items-

Rice, dry vegetables, oil, salt, sugar, spices, flour etc

Dairy products-

Butter, ghee, cheese, milk etc

Fish items

Fresh water fish- Rui, bagda chingri, galda chingri, hilsha, boal, katla, koral, pabda, ritha, tangra, koi, tuna, tilapia, salmon fish fillet, vetki fish fillet etc

Sea fish- Calm, crab, lobstar, octopus, red snapper, rupchanda, squid etc

Fruit items

Apple, banana, dragon fruit, grapes, guava, orange, pear, pineapple, papaya etc


Beef, chicken, mutton etc


Almond, cashew nut, peanut, pistachio etc

Personal care items

Shampoo, conditioner etc

Vegetable items

Bitter gourd, brinjal, cabbage, capsicum, chili, carrot, potato, cucumber, gourd, lemon, long bean, potol, pumpkin, spinach, tomato, wax gourd etc

Our features-

Easy login & registration
User-friendly product filtering and sorting
Detailed product descriptions
Product gallery
Shopping cart
Shipping options
Order summary
Secure and easy in-app payments
Ordering an invoice
Checking the shipping status
Easy customer service access
Personalized content

Return policy

• Canned and packaged products within 48 hours of order delivery provided that the product is not opened for use.

• Fresh products can be returned only if not accepted at order delivery.

Payment Method

• Cash on delivery
• Online credit card payment
• Card on delivery

How to order

• Enter your address
• Choose your product