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Food galaxy is a leading e-commerce online food shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was launched at a time when Bangladesh’s busy workforce in cities was finding it difficult to allocate time to buy their food in this pandemic. Food galaxy gave them the flexibility to place their order anytime and get the things delivered at their preferred time in Dhaka.
The internet has made massive progress to facilitate cool new things. Now with a few clicks, you can get whatever your hungry tummy is craving. By his app customer can enjoy the taste of restaurant food from home.

What do you need? Our main attraction for food is seafood. We also provide Italian food, Thai food, Chinese & Continental food as your choice. This wide range of food categories makes sure that you always have the opportunity to try a unique mouthwatering dish whenever your heart desires it. Pick up the phone and easily choose anything. So, if you are at your home or office or wherever you are, and feeling hungry, you can order via Food Galaxy app.

A major benefit of ordering online system select is that you don't have to pass by some freshly baked cookies in the bakery section to get to the fresh produce! With online shopping, you can easily select exactly what you need and reduce unnecessary spending on impulse purchases.

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Why Choose us:
We care about your health. Hygiene is important for both health and social reasons. We prepare and serve our food in complete hygiene. We make our food by maintaining a balanced nutritional value of food.
Food galaxy comes with assure of lowest rates and quick delivery services. All items we sell online are fresh and ensured 100% quality products. Our motto is on providing quality products and satisfying our consumers. We have confidence in time is very important to our fellow Dhaka residents and that they should not have to waste valuable time in traffic, bad weather and wait in line just buy small products.

Hygiene procedure:
We follow the Methods of monitoring by auditing, investigating and verification.

Food Galaxy Menu:
We have designed our app with various delicious food recipes. Keep your eye on our menu book-

• Soup
• crispy wonton
• calamari
• chicken wings

Main dish
• Red snapper
• Lobster
• Pomfret
• Coral
• Crab
• Prawn
• Steak
• Pizza,
• Baked pasta
• Tuna fish kebab
• Seafood plater
• Burger
• Chicken Manchurian
• Chicken tandoori
• Honey mustard chicken
• Roasted beef
• Khichuri,
• Biriani
• Beef tehari

Side dish
• Broccoli with garlic and chili
• Mashed Potatoes
• Sautéed /Stir-Fry vegetables
• French Fries
• Butter Rice
• Steam Rice
• Fried Rice
• Special Softy Butter Nan
• Special Softy Garlic Nan

• Chunky Onion Salsa
• Prawn Cashew Nut Salad
• Chicken & Prawn Cashew Nut Salad
• Chicken Cashew Nut Salad
• Russian Salad
• Coleslaw
• Festive Fruit Salad
• Green Salad

• Latvian Layered Rye Bread Dessert
• Creme Brule
• French crepe with Nutella & Banana

• Coconut Drink
• Fresh Juice
• Lassi
• Milk Shake with ice-cream
• Beverage
• Signature Masala Tea
• Vietnamese Iced Coffee
• JH Iced Coffee

Order procedure:
If you are still wondering how does this entire process of ordering, getting delivered and eating thing work, download an app on your phone right now to place your order-

• Enter your address(home/office)
• Choose your product
• Place your order
• Add your phone number

Payment procedure:
We maintain cash on delivery. You can also pay through Bkash.