Web development with CodeIgnator Framework

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Web development with CodeIgnator Framework

Course At A Glance

  • Date : 2021-03-06 - 2021-05-01 No. of Classes/ Sessions : 30
  • Total Hours : 30 Last Date of Registration : 2001-02-21
  • Class Schedule : Saturday Monday and Thursday
  • Venue : ka-74/1, 3rd Floor Pragati Avenue, Kuril Chowrasta (Bishwaroad), Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh

Price: 16,000
(Excluding VAT & TAX)

Course Outline

Getting Started
  • Course Introduction
  • Course software
  • What is a HTML and HTML 5?
  • Getting started with tags
  • How to save web pages
  • Viewing your web pages
Basic HTML Tags 
  • Basic HTML template
  • Heading Tags
  • Paragraph and Break tags
  • Bold and Italics
  • HTML lists
  • Reference: Basic HTML Tags
HTML 4 and HTML 5 Tables
  • HTML 5 Tables
  • Row and Col span
  • Table alignment, color, images
  • HTML 5 Tables
  • Reference: HTML and HTML5 tables Layout
HTML Forms  
  • Form Tags
  • Textboxes, Submit, Reset
  • Formatting Textboxes with CSS
  • Labels, Text areas
  • Option buttons and Checkboxes
  • Passwords, hidden fields
  • Reference: HTML and HTML5 Forms
HTML5 and Forms    
  • Email, URL, Search
  • Spinners and Sliders
  • Dates, Color pickers
  • Data Lists
  • HTML Form Layouts
  • HTML 5 Video and Audio
  • The HTML 5 Canvas tag
  • Details, Aside, Mark
  • Reference:  HTML5 Audio and Video
HTML5 and Forms    
  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS rules
  • Where to put your styles
  • Using CSS selectors
  • Inline and Embedded styles
HTML5 and Forms 
  • CSS and Fonts
  • Font colors
  • Font sizes
  • Styling Fonts
  • Reference: CSS and Fonts
Getting started with CSS3    
  • Introduction to CSS3
  • CSS3 rules
  • Using CSS3 selectors
Dealing with Images  
  • Types of Images
  • Inserting Images part 1
  • Inserting Images part 2
  • Image Attributes
  • Images and CSS
  • Text wrapping with CSS
  • CSS and image borders
  • Background Images
  • Adding captions to images
  • Reference: CSS in this section
Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) 1
  • Introduction to CSS, what is CSS and how and where to use it.
  • Relationship with HTML & HTML5. How CSS will work with HTML & HTML5.
  • What is Inline CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of Inline CSS.
  • What is Internal CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of Internal CSS.
  • What is External CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of External CSS.
  • What is CSS overriding, how and where it takes places.
Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)  2
  • CSS syntax, Classes & IDs, Floating, Positioning and overflow.
  • CSS use of fonts, from where and how to get fonts and how to use those.
  • CSS use of colors, Margins, Paddings, Borders, width and height, alignments and opacity.
  • CSS for block, inline and inline-block, display,display-table and visibility properties of HTML elements.
Cascade Style Sheets CSS3  
  • Introduction to CSS3, Difference between CSS and CSS3, and extra benefits of using CSS3.
  • CSS3 use of texts, fonts, shadows and gradients.
  • CSS3 use of backgrounds, border images and rounded corners elements.
  • CSS3 making cool visual with use of transitions and animations.
  • CSS3 making cool visual with use of 2D and 3D transforms.
  • CSS3 Box sizing and Flex box features and use of these.
  • Use of Cross Browser CSS hacks to show HTML views same on different browsers.
HTML & HTML 5   
  • Creating HTML & HTML 5 pages practically using CSS/CSS3 and project assignment.
  • Introduction to Javascript, what is client side scripting, what are the benefits of using Javascript.
  • Where to write scripts, internal and external Javascript placements.
  • Javascript syntax, common syntax as global programming languages.
  • Javascript data types, creating variables and variable scopes.
  • Javascript integer, string, array and object variables, initializations and usages.
  • Javascript use of operators, arithmetic and assignments.
  • Javascript using functions, parameters and return types.
  • Javascript built in functions and methods and usages.
  • Javascript use of Math, Date, Array and String methods.
  • Javascript use of conditions loops and breaks.
  • JavaScript examples and assignments.
PHP  1   
  • PHP Basic Concept
  • Concept About Server, Server Installation
  • Mysql concept with written mysql query language
  • Insert and  view.
  • Update and delete.
Learning OOP 
  • Oop concept
  • Using Oop that how to work
Codeigniter 1
  • Learn about codeigniter
  • Codeigniter installation and configuration
Codeigniter 2
  • Template mastering.
  • Make admin login check for login.
Codeigniter  3
  • Inserting and view category for blog or ecommerce site.
  • Delete, edit and update.
Codeigniter   4
  • Frontend Viewing category from database.
  • Product Add and view, Edit and update from admin panel.
Codeigniter  5
  • Product viewing
  • Add to cart session
Codeigniter  6
  • User login and registration
  • Manage user profile
Codeigniter 7
  • Include  Password verification system
  • Check Out
  • Adding payment system
Codeigniter  8
  • Order edit and view
  • Update and delete
Codeigniter  9
  • Order money recite pdf creating
  • Total overview about codeigniter.