Learning React.js javascript framework

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Learning React.js javascript framework

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  • Date : 2021-03-01 - 2021-06-01 No. of Classes/ Sessions : 15
  • Total Hours : 30 Last Date of Registration : 2021-02-01
  • Class Schedule : Saturday Monday and Thursday
  • Venue : ka-74/1, 3rd Floor Pragati Avenue, Kuril Chowrasta (Bishwaroad), Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh

Price: 16,000
(Excluding VAT & TAX)

Course Outline

Introduction to React
  • In this module we get a quick introduction to front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries, followed by an introduction to React. We will also learn about React components and JSX.

Welcome to Front-End Web Development with React
  • How to Use the Learning Resources
  • What is Full-Stack Web Development
  • Exercise: Setting up Git
  • Exercise: Basic Git Commands
  • Exercise: Online Git Repositories
  • Node.js and NP
  • Exercise: Setting up Node.js and NP
  • Exercise: Basics of Node.js and NPM
  • Front-end JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries Overview
  • Introduction to Reac
  • Exercise: Getting Started with Reac
  • React App Overview
  • Introduction to JS
  • Exercise: Configuring your React Applicatio
  • React Component
  • Exercise: React Components Part 1
  • React Components: State and Prop
  • Exercise: React Components Part 2
  • React Components: Lifecycle Methods Part 1
  • Assignment 1 Requirements: React Component
React Router and Single Page Applications
  • In this week, you will learn about various component types. You will learn about React router and its use in designing single page applications. You will also learn about single page applications and use React Router to design single page applications.
Presentational and Container Components
  • Exercise : Presentational and Container Components
  • React Components: Lifecycle Methods Part 
  • Functional Components
  • Exercise : Functional Components
  • React Virtual DOM
  • Exercise : Header and Footer
  • React Router
  • Exercise : React Router
  • Single Page Applications
  • Exercise : Single Page Applications Part
  • React Router: Parameter
  • Exercise : Single Page Applications Part 2
  • Assignment 2: React Router and Single Page Applications
React Forms, Flow Architecture and Introduction to Redux
  • In this module you will be introduced to uncontrolled and controlled forms and briefly examine form validation in React applications. You will get an overview of the Flux architecture and introduced to Redux as a way of realizing the flux architecture
Controlled Forms
  • Exercise : Controlled Forms
  •  Exercise : Controlled Form Validation
  •  Uncontrolled Components 
  • Exercise : Uncontrolled Forms
  •  The Model-View-Controller Framework
  •  The Flux Architecture
  • Introduction to Redux2
  • Exercise : Introduction to Redux
  • React Redux Forms
  • Exercise : React Redux Form
  • Exercise : React Redux Form Validation
  • Assignment 3: React Forms and Redux
 More Redux and Client-Server Communication
  • In this module you will explore Redux further including Redux action, combining reducers, and Redux thunk, client-server communication using Fetch and the REST API. You will get a brief introduction to animation in React. You will also learn about testing, building and deploying React applications.
Redux Actions
  • Exercise : Combining Reducers
  • Exercise : Redux Actions
  • Redux Thunk
  • Exercise : Redux Thunk
  • Exercise : React-Redux-Form Revisited
  • Networking Essentials
  • Brief Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • Exercise : Setting up a Server using json-server
  • Promises
  • Fetch
  • Exercise : Fetch from Server
  • Exercise : Fetch Handling Errors
  • Exercise : Fetch Post Comment
  • React Animations
  • Exercise : React Animations
  • Exercise : React Animation Components
  • Assignment 4: Redux, Client-Server Communication and Fetch
  • Introduction to Webpack
  • Exercise : Building and Deploying the React Application