Restaurant Software System

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POS Details

Restaurant POS Management System
  • Default Sign In
  • then see the user Dashboard
  • Dashboard- > start work period
  • User -> (Add new User, All user list)
  • Product -> Group (Add new products, Products list)

                         Category (Add new Category, All category list)

                         Detail (Add product detail, Products details list)

                         Ingredient (Add Ingredients, All Ingredients list)

                         Product Size (Add Size, size list)

  • Table->  (Add new table, Table list)

Sale -> New Sale -> working flow is given below:

  • Select category,
  • then select products,
  • Add to shopping cart
  • then click payment
  • Customer can paid total amount by cash, MTB etc.
  • or customer can paid later then select sales pending.
  • if customer pending the sale, it will be showing in pending list.
  • In pending list -> paid total payment and complete payment options.

Sale list: All sales History.

Pending List: If any payment undo then it will show sales pending list.

Reports:  all reports will be showing by the following category:
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Payment wise
  • sales by products category
  • sales by products detail

Profile:  password can be changed for this system.