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POS Details

RG POS System with Centralize database
  • User Based Sign In. Admin, Warehouse admin, salesman can log into the system.
  • Get different UI for different role.
  • Centralize database
  • Manual and automatic data backup system
  • Sign In the system.
  • See User Dashboard, quick search in top navigation.
  • Profile: password can be changed for this system.
  • Dashboard: A simple dashboard overview.
  • Shop: There are several detail information about the shop.
  • System User: Add new User, See user list. And user can update user information.
  • Brand: Add new brand, See & Update Brand list.
  • Supplier Payment: Add Supplier payment, See & Update All Supplier payment list.
  • Supplier Info: Add Supplier details, See & Update All Supplier details list.
  • Warehouse: user can add warehouse, see and update them.
  • Customer Group: Add Customer Group, See & Update All Customer group list.
  • Customer: Customer details, See All Customer details list.
  • Promotion Group: Add Promotion Group, See & Update All promotion group list.
  • Promotion: Add Promotion details, See & Update All Promotion details list.
  • Group: Add new group, See & Update All Group list.
  • Category: Add new Category, See & Update All category list.
  • Measurement: User can add measurement for any item, see the list and can be update the measurement also.
  • Attribute: Here user can add product attribute such as product kg/liter etc. So, user can add, see, update attribute group here.
  • Attribute value: Add Attribute value, See & Update Attribute value list
  • Product Detail: Add products details, See & Update All product details list
  • Material Request: user can see all list here.
  • Purchase Order: Add Purchase order details, See & Update All purchase order list.
  • Purchase receive order: After receive purchase order then user can sale the product. Receive order and see the list which product is received here.
  • Sale: Add sale details, See & Update All sale details list.
  • Stock Transfer: Create stock transfer, See & update, change status stock transfer.
Reports:  This is report list. Here is the following list which is categorize by:  
  • Daily Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Yearly Reports
  • Stock Report Reports
  • Payment wise Reports
  • sales by products category Reports
  • sales by products details Reports